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FTG co-ordinates Demokritos’ participation in the European Fusion Technology Programme

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Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis and many more!

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Image: Eurofusion

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The Fusion Technology Group (FTG) performs research under the main headings of Fusion TechnologyRadiation Physics and Materials under Extreme Environment. These include Fusion related activities such as JET Fusion Technology, Fusion Materials and Plasma facing Materials. Other activities of FTG refer to Aerospace and Engineering Materials, Non-destructive testing and Biomedical and Environmental Applications.

Moreover, FTG coordinates NCSR "Demokritos" Fusion Technology Research programme, which is conducted under the European Joint Research Programme EUROfusion and the National Programme of Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion . Fusion research at NCSR-D is performmed by a collaborating team  of 18 researchers from three Institutes:  INRaSTESINPP, and INN.

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