Fusion Technology

There is a long-standing and intensive International and European effort for achieving energy production from nuclear fusion. For this purpose, a European and International collaboration has been instigated with activities ranging from coordinated research progammes to the financing and construction of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITERhttp://www.iter.org) in Cadarache, France. The next step towards exploitable energy production is via the construction of a demonstration power plant (DEMO) capable of generating net electricity and operating with a closed fuel-cycle. The successful operation of ITER requires experimental validation of the codes and data used in ITER neutronic design, as well as to test materials behavior under ITER-like neutron irradiation conditions. On the other hand, the development of DEMO requires many technological advances and innovations in several areas, most importantly in that of materials.

FTG carries out research in a number of areas of key importance:

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