The Fusion Technology Group (FTG) became active in 1999 when Greece joined the EURATOM Thermonuclear Fusion Project.

FTG co-ordinates NCSR−"Demokritos" Fusion Technology Research Programme which is conducted under the European Joint Programme EUROfusion and the National Programme of Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion. Fusion research at NCSR−"Demokritos" is jointly conducted by a collaborating team of 10 researchers from three Institutes: INRaSTESINPP, and INN.

The research activities of the group come under the main headings of Fusion TechnologyRadiation Physics and Materials under Extreme Environment. These include Fusion related activities such as JET Fusion Technology, Fusion Materials and Plasma facing Materials. Other activities of FTG refer to Aerospace and Engineering Materials, Non-destructive testing and Biomedical and Environmental Applications.

The group has extensive collaborative links with EU Research Centres, Universities and Industries and a strong usage of European experimental facilities as Neutron Research Centres and Accelerators.

FTG has also a wide range of Educational activities. Members of the group teach in European and Greek post-graduate courses, train researchers and graduates, supervise PhD, MSc and Undergraduate theses.


  • Competitive Research in Fusion Technology
  • Co-ordinating Demokritos’ participation in the European Fusion Technology Programme
  • Utilization of FTG’s multidisciplinary expertise in new technological and research areas
  • Attracting European and National Funding
  • Establishing common research activities within Demokritos, Greece, Europe and the World
  • Development of new innovative research infrastructure in areas in which FTG and Greece have the competitive advantage
  • Participation in Universities educational activities, training of young professionals and students
  • Focusing toward Societal Value-Added Research